programing features C# C++ helps

How These programing features C# C++ helps for

How These programing features C# C++ helps


C# Introduction

C# is a widespread and popular tool for networking, Windows applications and web development.
Object Orient Language c # A Common Language Infrastructure (Common Language Infrastructure-CLI).
In 1999, Dutch software engineer Anders Hejlsberg developed c #
Formed a team. The main purpose of developing c # was to remove the limitations of all previous programming languages.
The issues that have been improved and updated from (C ++) to (C#) are:

  • C # Direct Boolean data variable data type exists (Example, bool), where C++
    There are no Boolean data variables in the direct corner. Boolean variable in C++ is an integer or a common angle
    The pointer returns.
  • Objects that cannot be accessed by memory are disposed of in C# by the Garbage Collector.
    Is managed automatically.
  • C++ to C# type is more important.

Programing features of C#

  • C# is a simple object oriented language. It follows the structure method,
    Divides the problem into different parts.
  • C# is a powerful modern language.
  • C# is an object oriented language, which makes it much easier to manage written programs in C Sharp.
  • C# supports sharp type safe code (Type safe code), due to which its security is much higher.
  • Insuperability facility exists in C#
  • Automatic update feature exists in C#.
  • C# is a component oriented language.
  • There are many rich library functions in C#.
  • Compilation and execution is very fast in C#.

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