Definitions Environmental nature pollution & contaminant

Definitions Environmental nature pollution

Environmental nature pollution & contaminant

Environmental :

Environmental : All the living and inanimate elements that exist in a certain place at a certain time
Yes, their overall location is called the environment of that place. The environmental is the physical and biological habitat around us,
The form we perceive, the smell, the touch and the taste we feel. That is, the surrounding vegetation, mountains, houses,
Buildings, air, water, soil, etc. are all objects. Everything on earth is from the surface
Air, water, noise, soil, forests, mountains, rivers, man-made expanses of ozone layer
The environment is what is created by the combination of infrastructure and the combination of flora and fauna.


Nature :

Nature In the broadest sense, nature means the natural, physical and material world or the universe.
Phenomena are phenomena that occur in the physical world. The flow of life in the world is also called nature. People
An element of nature but what man does is not nature.
The word nature comes from the Latin word natura or innate disposition. In primitive times
“Earth” is considered to be nature. The word natura means the peculiar feature, that is, the peculiar feature of the world


 Pollution :

Pollution Chemical, physical and biological changes in the natural features of the environment
Pollution is an event that is detrimental to the life and development of an organism, species or human being.
Or, in addition to a part of an external unwanted object produced by natural or man-made processes or in addition to its own elements in the environment
If part of the interaction with the environment causes toxicity, anger, loss of beauty, physiological effects on the environment, that
The phenomenon is called pollution.
Or, the presence and accumulation of external material in the environment and the excess storage of its own material in the animal kingdom and
Pollution is the act of having a bad effect on a being.


Pollutant :

Pollutants are solids, liquids and gaseous substances in nature to such an extent that
Animals, especially those that cause harm to human society, are said to be contaminants. As a spectator
If gaseous substances such as SO2, CO.
When achieved, he is considered a contaminant.


Contaminant :

Contaminant when excessive amount of biochemical, physical or radioactive substance in the environment
Is present and enters living organisms through air, water, soil or food and harms living organisms, then
He is called contagious. In fact, another name for contaminants is contagious.

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